Arabic Courses for non-native speakers

Living in a country without being able to understand its language, can be frustrating.If you are in an Arab country, you have probably realised how much easier, and also enjoyable, your daily life would be if you knew how to read and speak Arabic...

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Learn Arabic with fun & effective audio and video lessons

Maybe you are keen to practise Arabic, but you want to try something different. Something more exotic.A more "unusual" type of teaching methods...

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Arabic is the liturgical language of Islam

The Arabic language plays a central role in Islam. It is the language of the Quran, and the source language of Islamic jurisprudence and religious literature ...

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Learning Business Arabic

Knowledge of Arabic provides better insight into all aspects of business in the Arab World. The business culture in the Arab World is very much about building personal relationships of mutual trust...

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What learners say ?

Anna - Canada

I was struggling and unhappy with my progress in Arabic BUT...

What learners say ?

Mr Robert - Australia

Excellent one to one learning greatly assisted my understanding of Arabic ...

What learners say?

Stasy - UK

The teacher is very good teacher. In nearly 6 hours I was able to ...

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